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Nate, Owner & Designer

Hi, I'm Nate. Mechanical Engineer by trade and major car enthusiast.

Located in Maryland, Custom Brackets and Designs (CB&D) started as a pet project.

When I started my first retrofit I was excited for the opportunity, but quickly found out that a bolt-on upgrade would not be possible. With the help of a few friends, I designed and hand made my first set of brackets, which took a long time but made my retrofit a success.
Once I finished and posted the final product to my local forum everyone wanted a set for themselves. Using my engineering knowledge, I designed and made more brackets for many different models.
Automotive lighting has advanced substantially in the last ten years with the advent of Xenon, LED, and Laser headlights. CB&D believes firmly that it is time to bring everyone new and old into the 21st century of lighting so that we can all be safer and more aware while driving at night.
So I guess that brings us to the question, "What is a retrofit?" Retrofitting is the act of adding components to a headlight that were not there when the headlight was originally manufactured.
Retrofitting makes it possible to take your light output from the Halogen Projector on the left to the Xenon Projector on the Right.
Image Credit: The Retrofit Source
Retrofitting allows you to see more and to drive more safely at night, but this is just one of the many things that can be done with headlights. It opens doors to many other opportunities while the headlights are apart if one so desires. 
To learn more please visit my blog, where I will be spending time explaining more about retrofitting.
If you have any specific questions, need brackets made for your vehicle, or help with your retrofit, feel free to contact me at custom.brackets.designs@gmail.com. I'm quick to respond and quick to ship!
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